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Disconnected?? That Depends On How You Look At It!

On the last weekend of March 2020 some of my quilting friends and I had planned an annual quilting retreat to Bridal Creek B&B in Hamilton, NY. It’s a beautiful place to regroup and reconnect.

On past retreats our host Barbara has served us some wonderful meals and catered to us all throughout the weekend. In addition, as a quilter herself, she has joined us daily in the quilting studio as well as at meals.

Unfortunately, like the rest of our country this year, this is one of the many social activities that had to be canceled.

Quilters are a resourceful group however. Technology to the rescue.

We got together with a google hangout for almost two hours of video chat where we were able to

catch up, share our current projects and laugh, and laugh…… Laughing is definitely good for the soul. The only thing missing was the overwhelming amount of snacks that normally accompany our get-togethers.

In fact we enjoyed our video chat so much that we’re chatting weekly. You can’t keep a quilter down!

Looking forward to next year’s retreat.

There is always time to quilt!
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Winter? Spring?

Looking outside this morning, it was hard to believe that today actually is April 15. Last week, in the evening before supper, we were able to sit outside on the deck. Definitely not today! The temperatures were in the 60’s then; not the 30’s that they were today.

April 15???

I guess its just Mother Nature showing us who’s really in charge.

Upstate New York celebrates winter every with a Golden Snowball Award. Five cities, Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and Syracuse are in competition. Normally Syracuse’s annual snowfall for the season is 123.8″ and we have won the award numerous times. However snowfall has been light this year for each of the five cities. Syracuse itself has had a shortfall of about 40″. The Snowball Award website reports that Syracuse’s total accumulation for the season is 84.3″. This means that Rochester with a total of 89.2 will the take the award for the 2019-2020 season.

In addition to these totals, another 2″-4″ is expected south of the city tomorrow afternoon. Normally we have about 4″ in April. So far we’ve accumulated 4.3″

All the more reason to spend time quilting.

There is always time to quilt!
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Making Lemonade

Calamity Strikes! I recently broke my arm. And of course it’s my right arm and I’m right handed. LOL

Since I can’t quilt one of the next best things I can do is to search the Internet for quilting topics. I came across an article from All People Quilt on organizing your stash. Of course with any thing like this, everything will not appeal to everybody. But it did have a couple of ideas that I certainly think will work for me.

Ruler Storage

The first it’s really pretty simple.

Item 21. Fill a 3-ring binder with see-thru pages (either zippered or unzippered) to store your small rulers. You could even go a step further and organize the rulers by manufacturer or purpose.

Ruler Storage

Keep track of smaller templates and specialty rulers with a large D-ring binder and zippered see-through pockets.

Stashing Notions

Item 24 repurposes a cutlery organizer:

Stashing Notions

Use a flatware divider to store often-used items next to your sewing machine. They’ll always be in reach, but won’t roll off the table.

Check out the entire article for yourself.

There is always time to quilt!
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Everything Old is New Again!

I decided to get a jump on New Year’s resolutions and began organizing my fabric stash. Since I haven’t done much garment sewing since I started quilting (nearly 20 years ago) I decided to start with the fabric normally used for that purpose ie. non-cotton fabrics. I came across a pattern         that I had cut out and embroidered when I found out that I would become a grandmother for the first time (More than 28 years ago!!).

My daughter had decided on a carousel theme for the nursery. I embroidered a carousal horse and when we learned that the first grandchild was to be a boy I put it away; deciding that it was too ‘girly’.

As it so happens one of my granddaughters is due to have a baby girl in March.  So of course I quickly abandoned the organization chore and decided to finish the romper for her shower in January.

I do think that my granddaughter will get a chuckle out of this gift and hope that she likes both it and the quilt that I’ll give her at the shower.

Now I guess I have to get back to the stash organization.  Darn!!There is always time to quilt!


Do You Really Rest on a Quilt Retreat?

I just returned from the Thumbstall Quilt Guild annual retreat at the Watson Homestead in Painted Post NY and was greeted by a friend with, “You look so rested!!” Rested – I don’t think so…. I came home exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time.

It’s an extended weekend that I look forward to as soon as we leave the current weekend. Friendships are nourished by quilting retreats. A weekend quilting retreat is full of laughter and being able to actually talk to with my quilting friends. We normally see each other about once a month at our membership meetings but there is so much that needs to be accomplished there that we don’t actually get a chance to talk with one another. We definitely change that at the retreat.

Quilting with Friends

In addition to the fun we actually do get some quilting done. By far the most important part of the weekend is the camaraderie. I can quilt as much as I want at home – but these friendships only grow when we get together like this. Nothing outside to get in the way. No meals, housework etc. etc.

Some of us spend the weekend shopping and some just get in as much as quilting as possible. I tend to try to do the later. One shop I have to visit though while in the area is Witches Stitches in Big Flats, NY They carry a great variety of quilt fabrics and supplies along with cross stitch, embroidery and my favorite wool. I couldn’t resist a new snowflake pattern and some wool to go with it. Can’t wait to get started.

As far a quilting on the retreat was concerned I was able to complete the blocks for a new great-granddaughter’s quilt who is due to arrive in March.

Almost Done!

All in all I considered – it a very successful weekend!

There is always time to quilt!