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One quilt in particular caught my attention at the Snow Country Quilt Show.  This Bluework quilt was beautiful.  I just wish it wasn’t hung so high.  I couldn’t get  a good picture of the detail.

Bluework is traditionally worked with indigo blue threads.   In reality  red and blue floss  are used interchangeably for any Bluework or Redwork  pattern.

Blackwork is another popular form of embroidery.  I thought the only difference was that black thread was used.  In reality, when black thread is used on a Redwork or Bluework pattern it is called ‘Black Redwork.’    Blackwork is completely unique in that the technique is counted thread embroidery worked in a geometric design with black silk on even- weave linen.

For example this Blackwork snowflake is featured on the Yahoo picture page.

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This looks pretty interesting and warrants more research.  You learn something new every day!

There is always time to quilt!
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