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Life is Good!

It’s really hard to believe – but I am just about ready for the Christmas  (presents all wrapped and under the tree.  This year everyone gets a homemade gift!) The only things left to do are a ‘lick and a promise’ house cleaning and baking a dessert for tomorrow evening.  Our Christmas is celebrated in three different celebrations.

Tom and I will open our gifts on Christmas Eve after an early Mass and dinner out.  Christmas Day is spent at my in-laws.  On Thursday my son and daughter and all the grandchildren will gather at our house.  Cramming everything into one day just was too much stress.  So we decided to celebrate on the three different days.

Since I had some extra time, I decided to treat myself and work on projects that had no deadline.  What better than one or two of the UFO’s that seem to multiply in my storeroom.  I started with a  machine applique from Quilt Sampler.   The pattern is from the local featured quilt shop, Calico Gals.  Some of the applique was done. Now it is closer to being finished.

I normally have a machine and hand project going at the same time.

So I pulled out Basket of Sunflowers projectfrom another issue of Quilt Sampler magazine.  This was supposed to be a group project, but I don’t think that anyone has finished it yet.  I had finished the piecing part of the project – so now I’m ready to start on the woolwork portion of the table runner.

It was such a treat to be work on projects – just for me – with no  pressure of a deadline.



Merry Christmas everyone!

There is always time to quilt!
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