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Stuffed Peppers

Last night Tom treated to me to a dinner filled with some of my favorites:: bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed peppers and tuna steak.

The stuffed peppers were a complete surprise. Tom dislikes peppers, both cooked and raw. For my part, putting them in any dish only makes that dish better. When we were first married I tried to get him to eat stuffed peppers, but he would only eat the filling – so I gave up making them. Even he was impressed with these. I think its the addition of red peppers instead of green. The red have a sweeter flavor and not the bite of a green pepper. Now I can add this dish to our menu.

He was having such a good time putting this meal together that I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to record it.

It's all in the preparation

Appetizer: Grilled bacon wrapped scallops

Entree #1 - Stuffed peppers

Entree #2 - Tuna Steaks

I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

This afternoon we headed to Material Rewards Quilt Shop in Dansvlle, NY. I can’t imagine being in the area and not visiting. I did a bit of damage but had a great time talking with the staff and ‘browsing’. They were working on Kid Comfort Quilts. We talked about being able to use some of our talents to somewhat help ease the burden of military families.

Tonight we are going to the Glen Iris Inn here at the park for dinner. Can’t imagine tonight’s meal topping last night’s!

There is always time to quilt!
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First camping trip of the 2010 Season!

Tom surprised me with a trip to Letchworth State Park (southwest of Rochester NY) this week. Normally we begin the camping season at the park on my birthday. This year Kim Einmo gave a workshop and lecture to our guild on the 18th.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than quilting. So I decided to forgo our annual trip.

Luckily for me, Tom decided that it would be a good idea to delay the trip by a day and to do all the camping preparations (from planning the meals to packing up the camper) himself. The best part – he decided that he would be chief cook and bottle washer for the entire trip. What a treat – I didn’t even have to plan the meals or go shopping.

He wanted to surprise me and have everything ready to go on Wednesday morning, so we didn’t do our normal maintenance checkup before putting the camper on the road.

First mishap – we couldn’t get the hot water heater to work.  OK- we’re camping and ‘roughing it’ so we heated water on the stove for last night’s dinner dishes and decided to use the park showers this morning. Not my favorite thing to do, but you have to do what you have to do.

What a shock when we discovered that the temperature of the water in the public showers was less than tepid.  Just our luck that that they were having hot water problems in that particular bath house also. Murphy’s law I guess.

I was certainly not a happy camper!

Luckily the problem was easily fixed when Tom called our RV mechanic who,  immediately asked, “Did you remember to disengage the water-bypass after flushing out the water lines? (I guess this must be a common oversight by many campers.)

Hooray we now have hot water!  Life is good.

Secondly we discovered we had lost most out of fresh water. So Tom had to crawl under the camper and tighten some of the line connectors. It looks as though we’re all set for now. Thankfully.

So here we are just relaxing and enjoying our get-away. And what better was to enjoy ourselves than doing what we both like the most – quilting for me and photography for Tom. He decided to make a video to put on his blog and I’m working on my Celtic applique. One of the new techniques I learned with this project was to miter the right angle corners when appliqueing the bias strips.  (The technique is also used when sewing the mitered corners of a quilt’s binding).

There’s nothing like quilting while RVing.

There is always time to quilt!
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Christmas with Friends

Earlier this week, I had lunch with two good quilting friends (Lisa & Mae) to celebrate Christmas.  We look forward to seeing what each of us has put together for our annual gift exchange.  Of course one of our favorite things to do is shop hop and we’re always on the lookout for things that each of us would like.  Lisa’s favorites themes are penguins and patriotic, Mae’s are gingerbread men, and mine are hummingbirds and cardinals.

I made each of them a candle mat along with a few trinkets including a gingerbread pattern for Mae and a “quilt sayings” panel for Lisa.


Mae's Candle Mat


Lisa's Candle Mat

They both (unknowingly) added to my cardinal collection.   My house is pretty small, but I’ll have to find room for these.

In addition, the fat quarter collection is happy, bright colors.  Quite a change from what I normally choose.  Can’t wait to see them in a quilt.  A group of us in the guild are making fat quarter quilts next year.   This should be a perfect palette for the project.


My Favorite Things


Winter in Upstate New York


Our Camper - All Loaded and Ready for the Trip South

Now that we’ve celebrated Christmas with my daughter and her family and Tom’s family here in upstate New York, we’re headed for North Carolina tomorrow to spend the next week with my son and the granddaughters, Shannon (age 14) and Jordan(age 11).  I told Jordan that I was bringing a casserole of baked lasagna that I had made last Sunday and frozen.  “Yum,” she said. “Are we making pasta salad while your here?”  Grandma can’t say, ‘No”.

Jordan had asked me to show her how to quilt when they visited earlier this year.  I helped her make a’ paper’ crazy quilt.  Now I’ve borrowed a book from our guild library on teaching children how to quilt. Both she and Shannon want to give it a try.  So our camper has the sewing machine along with my supply of scraps, rulers. cutting mat etc.  It should prove interesting.

We’ll visit with them until New Year’s day and then end our short winter get-away with a week in Charleston, SC.

Check out our website Tom and Lucia on the Road for an update on our travels.  Of course I’ll be bringing along a couple of projects.  I have two table runners that I will finish binding and an applique/redwork project that is a great take-along project while traveling.

There is always time to quilt!

Our Last Vacation Day

Unfortunately all vacations have to come to an end.  Wednesday turned out to be a good day.  We spent the morning at the campsite – Tom going through the pictures he took earlier and me finishing the binding on my Celtic quilt and reading.

One of the books I read this past week was Jennifer Chiaverini’s latest novel, The Lost Quilter. It continues the tale of the fugitive slave, Joanna from The Runaway Quilt.  She  came to Elm Creek Farm via the Underground Railroad in 1859.  The new book chronicles her life after her return by slave catchers to her owner in Virginia.  This novel is centered  around the new quilt  that Joanna creates as she dreams of freedom and her return journey north.  In the quilt she skillfully hides clues to landmarks of the trail along the Underground Railroad.

Then in the afternoon we took the kayaks out again.  It was beautiful.  I can’t imagine anything more relaxing than gliding across the water in a kayak, listening to nothing but the sounds of nature.

Before we left to go kayaking Dan, the ranger at Forked Lake, invited Tom and I along with our RV neighbors, Harold and Charla,  to share some of his homemade clam chowder that he was making in the slow cooker that day.   (It’s a family recipe developed by his father).  So later in the evening we gathered at Harold and Charla’s campsite for  chowder.   It was great!

We decided to make it a progressive supper with dessert at our site.

Adirondacks July 09 002

Tom, Charla, Harold, Dan gather at our camper

So we put together a dessert that we could cook outside.

Adirondacks July 09 001

Tom’s apple crisp cooking over an open fire.

What a delightful way to spend an evening:  cooking over an open fire, gathering with friends and sharing a meal.

Adirondacks July 09 003

The big finish!

We ended the evening with a slide show of Tom’s pictures of Forked Lake.

We’ve camped there since 2005.

Adirondacks July 09 004

There’s always time to quilt!