Applique, Needle-Turn Applique

Celtic Applique

I’m now working on the second, on-line class for an Celtic applique table runner.

The ‘stained glass’ inserts are basted in place.

'Stained Glass' Inserts

Now to begin the actual applique.

The bias stems are easily sewn into place with invisible needle-turn applique.

Insert needle into background fabric, next to the thread in the fold of the bias strip.  Bring up needle about 1/8″ from the last stitch.  (As in needle-turn applique, catch just one or two threads of applique fabric.)

Whenever I take a class I’m hoping that I’ll pick up one or two new tips in addition to learning or improving on a technique.  I really like the tip in this lesson to insert  pin with a red head where one  strip will cross over another.  By placing the pin a few stitches before the intersection, it is a reminder that space has to be left to insert a bias strip underneath.

Intersection marked with red-headed pin

There is always time to quilt!
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