Do You Really Rest on a Quilt Retreat?

I just returned from the Thumbstall Quilt Guild annual retreat at the Watson Homestead http://www.watsonhomestead.com/ in Painted Post NY and was greeted by a friend with, “You look so rested!!” Rested – I don’t think so…. I came home exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time.

It’s an extended weekend that I look forward to as soon as we leave the current weekend. Friendships are nourished by quilting retreats. A weekend quilting retreat is full of laughter and being able to actually talk to with my quilting friends. We normally see each other about once a month at our membership meetings but there is so much that needs to be accomplished there that we don’t actually get a chance to talk with one another. We definitely change that at the retreat.

Quilting with Friends

In addition to the fun we actually do get some quilting done. By far the most important part of the weekend is the camaraderie. I can quilt as much as I want at home – but these friendships only grow when we get together like this. Nothing outside to get in the way. No meals, housework etc. etc.

Some of us spend the weekend shopping and some just get in as much as quilting as possible. I tend to try to do the later. One shop I have to visit though while in the area is Witches Stitches in Big Flats, NY http://witchsstitches.com/. They carry a great variety of quilt fabrics and supplies along with cross stitch, embroidery and my favorite wool. I couldn’t resist a new snowflake pattern and some wool to go with it. Can’t wait to get started.

As far a quilting on the retreat was concerned I was able to complete the blocks for a new great-granddaughter’s quilt who is due to arrive in March.

Almost Done!

All in all I considered – it a very successful weekend!

There is always time to quilt!
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