Machine Quilting

Finishing the Quilt

You’re in the home stretch.  You’ve painstakingly pieced the quilt top, making sure all the seems match and the points are all sharp.  Now one last critical step before you begin quilting  –  sandwiching the quilt.   Just one wrinkle in the backing or batting – can ruin the whole quilt.  It really is true – ‘Quilting Makes the Quilt’.  So it’s important that you take the time to sandwich the quilt properly.

I like to stretch the backing in place on my cutting table with binder clips,

Stretching backing with binding clips

but masking tape works well too.

When the backing is smooth I place the bottom on top and gently smooth it out.

It helps to let the batting relax a bit before sandwiching either by fluffing it in the dryer on the ‘no heat’ setting or unfolding it, draping it over a table and letting it lie it flat overnight.

I like to pin baste when machine quilting and hand baste if I am hand quilting.  The layers seem to stay together by both methods with out slipping.

Now – I’m ready to quilt!

There is always time to quilt!
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