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Making Lemonade

Calamity Strikes! I recently broke my arm. And of course it’s my right arm and I’m right handed. LOL

Since I can’t quilt one of the next best things I can do is to search the Internet for quilting topics. I came across an article from All People Quilt on organizing your stash. Of course with any thing like this, everything will not appeal to everybody. But it did have a couple of ideas that I certainly think will work for me.

Ruler Storage

The first it’s really pretty simple.

Item 21. Fill a 3-ring binder with see-thru pages (either zippered or unzippered) to store your small rulers. You could even go a step further and organize the rulers by manufacturer or purpose.

Ruler Storage

Keep track of smaller templates and specialty rulers with a large D-ring binder and zippered see-through pockets.

Stashing Notions

Item 24 repurposes a cutlery organizer:

Stashing Notions

Use a flatware divider to store often-used items next to your sewing machine. They’ll always be in reach, but won’t roll off the table.

Check out the entire article for yourself.

There is always time to quilt!
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