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Making quarter-square triangle seams lie flat

When quilters get together, we not only quilt and socialize but usually come away with one or new tips.  At a recent sew-in – it happened again.  Barb was working on some hour-glass blocks and showed me that just by clipping a few threads at the intersection of the joined triangles,  a perfectly flat center results.

I found the directions for just doing that on Debbie Mumm’s general instruction website.

“Twisting Seams

For ease in construction when using quarter-square triangles, we add a twist…. When pressing the last seam, twist the center of the seam so that it fans into a square. Loosen stitches in the “square”. Remove any stitches that prevent the square from laying flat. All seam allowances fan out in the same direction to eliminate excess bulk.”

What could be easier?

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