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First camping trip of the 2010 Season!

Tom surprised me with a trip to Letchworth State Park (southwest of Rochester NY) this week. Normally we begin the camping season at the park on my birthday. This year Kim Einmo gave a workshop and lecture to our guild on the 18th.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than quilting. So I decided to forgo our annual trip.

Luckily for me, Tom decided that it would be a good idea to delay the trip by a day and to do all the camping preparations (from planning the meals to packing up the camper) himself. The best part – he decided that he would be chief cook and bottle washer for the entire trip. What a treat – I didn’t even have to plan the meals or go shopping.

He wanted to surprise me and have everything ready to go on Wednesday morning, so we didn’t do our normal maintenance checkup before putting the camper on the road.

First mishap – we couldn’t get the hot water heater to work.  OK- we’re camping and ‘roughing it’ so we heated water on the stove for last night’s dinner dishes and decided to use the park showers this morning. Not my favorite thing to do, but you have to do what you have to do.

What a shock when we discovered that the temperature of the water in the public showers was less than tepid.  Just our luck that that they were having hot water problems in that particular bath house also. Murphy’s law I guess.

I was certainly not a happy camper!

Luckily the problem was easily fixed when Tom called our RV mechanic who,  immediately asked, “Did you remember to disengage the water-bypass after flushing out the water lines? (I guess this must be a common oversight by many campers.)

Hooray we now have hot water!  Life is good.

Secondly we discovered we had lost most out of fresh water. So Tom had to crawl under the camper and tighten some of the line connectors. It looks as though we’re all set for now. Thankfully.

So here we are just relaxing and enjoying our get-away. And what better was to enjoy ourselves than doing what we both like the most – quilting for me and photography for Tom. He decided to make a video to put on his blog and I’m working on my Celtic applique. One of the new techniques I learned with this project was to miter the right angle corners when appliqueing the bias strips.  (The technique is also used when sewing the mitered corners of a quilt’s binding).

There’s nothing like quilting while RVing.

There is always time to quilt!
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