Organizing your quit stash

Organize Organize!

It’s very easy for storage of our quilting stash to become over-whelming. No matter how much fabric we have, every time we go to a quilt store the fabric just begs us to take some home.   There has to be an easy way to organize all this fabric!

Storing full yardage  and fabric that  is a half yard or less requires different methods.  What is the smallest cut I should keep?  And how do I store all these different sizes?

Since I began quilting 10 years ago, I’ve used Nancy Johnson-Srebro’s storage method  for storing yardage (from her book Rotary Magic). It’s actually pretty easy: just fold the fabric selvage to salvage; fold the cut edge into a tube (about 6-inches width. Use your 6×24-inch ruler as a guide).

Continue folding until all yardage is rolled into a tube.

Then fold tube in half.

All yardage can then be stored neatly in plastic bins or stacked on a shelf.  I like to organize my stash by color in plastic bins. These bins are placed on shelves stacked no more than two high so I never move more than one bin to get the fabric I need.

I have recently found drawer type bins that I really like. No moving bins around at all.  Just pull open the drawer.

With either stack-able bins or drawer bins, I can easily pick out the fabric I need or bring the bins to my sewing area and design wall as needed.

This method also makes for easy strip cutting:  just unroll the amount needed for cutting.  The rest stays together for easy storage.How easy is that?

(Next post: Those pesky scraps.  How to store leftovers smaller than 1/2 yd.)


There is always time to quilt!
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  • Reply Gena December 10, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Show your sewing set up in your trailer!! I am going to be rving full-time soon and need some ideas….I quilt and make custom wedding gowns

    • Reply Lucia December 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Oh how I envy you! We never were able to turn our r’ving into a full-time pastime. Last year we unfortunately had an accident that totaled the RV and have decided that we would not replace it.

      We’re still traveling – but the conventional way. The best advise I can share is to just organize everything. There’s nothing so frustrating as not being able to find the ‘tool’ that you need. The design wall (I used a 36”x36” piece of felt. We attached 3 small pieces of velcro to the wall and corresponding pieces to the back of the felt. Made it so easy to take down and put up as needed. And it wasn’t noticeable when the design wall was down. Most of all just enjoy yourself as you travel. If you decide to start a blog, please send me the address. I’d love to follow your adventures.

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