“….quaint little villages here and there…”

Well the song is partially correct.  We have seen many, many and dunes and have plenty of salty air – but ‘..quaint little villages… – I think not.

We spent the past two days traveling scenic route 6A in Cape Cod.  While you can appreciate that at one time the villages of Chatham, Hyannis, Orleans, Provincetown were small fishing villages with narrow streets and  charming homes belonging to sea captains, they have unfortunately fallen into tourist traps.  In many cases the unique homes remain, but they have been commercialized.  Too bad!

Luckily President Kennedy did preserve much of the shoreline as a National Sea Shore.  The vista’s are beautiful.  We’ve spent a lot of our time hiking the trails and walking on the beaches. The salt air is so pure and clean!  What a treasure we have here.

I was able to visit a quilt store in Hyannis, Heartbeat Quilts.  It’s called a ‘quilter’s candy store” – and that certainly fits.  I spent more than an hour just meandering through the rooms and admiring the quilts – and yes – touching the fabrics.   I was lucky to have my friend, Mae, give me a gift certificate to the shop for my birthday.  She was visiting the area earlier the year and knew that we had plans to come here this month.  I think I made good use of the certificate.  I purchased the book Accidental Landscapes by Karen Eckmeier along with some fabric that reminded me of the sea.

What a perfect way to interpret  the landscapes of Cape Cod.  I took some pictures today with that is mind. 

This may very well be my next quilting challenge!

There is always time to quilt!
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