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Quilt Backing – The Easy Way

Having shied away from using pieced and directional fabrics for quilt backings for a number of years, I finally decided it was time to test ‘new waters.’  So off to my most easily accessible source I went – the internet. (Not sure how we managed without this immediate source of information.  I remember doing research in school at the library with  a supply of index cards, etc.  – but that’s another story – and certainly is dating myself).

I found a post on Sylvia’s Stitches that made the process easy:

  •  I put some permanent placement marks on my cutting table so I can easily place skewers in the appropriate spot whenever I am sandwiching a quilt.

  • Using painter’s tape, secure skewers to table.
  • Press the backing, batting and top length-wise and width-wise to find the center.
  • Lay the backing on your table and line up the center with the skewers.  You can line up the center of the fabric easily as you feel the skewers on your table.  Repeat with batting and quilt top.
  • Pin or spray baste your quilt for a perfectly aligned sandwich!

How easy is that!

There is always time to quilt!
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