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Quilting while Traveling? – There’s always a way

Today was another quilting/sew day at the library.  It’s a day that I look forward to every month.  While I enjoy the various activities of my quilt guild, there is so much to do at our meetings – that I don’t get time to visit with friends.  Much the shame.  I have made many good friends through the guild over the years and really enjoy being with people who share the same interests that I do.

Quilting at the library monthly has become a time not only to spend a ‘full’ day quilting but socializing as well.  I feel that whatever I get accomplished is a ‘bonus’.  The real purpose of the day is the  camaraderie that is shared with fellow quilters.  And do we all enjoy that!

I set up today’s projects to prepare for our cruise at the end of the month.  We’ll be spending a week aboard ship leaving from NY harbor on February 25 will cruise down the coast with a stop at Port Canaveral and the final destination Nassau Bahamas.  It’s normally around 80 degrees this time of the year in the Bahamas.  While our upstate New York winter has been extremely mild this year – 80 degree weather is always a welcome change.

While reading the cruise brochure this weekend it mentioned that sharp objects, such as pocket knives, would not be allowed on board.  I had planned on bringing some needle turn applique to work on, but I need my best Ginger scissors to do so.  I decided to check with the cruise lines just to make sure that the scissors would not create a problem.  The answer I received was that they would “discourage” the scissors being  brought aboard.   So it was on to Plan B.

Luckily I always have a number of projects jut waiting to be  started or finished.  It wasn’t hard to find one that I could work on instead.  Woolwork and buttonhole applique was the answer.  Today I cut out the applique pieces and  basted them in place.

So the only thing I will need to cut while on board is thread.   Soon after 9/11, I had read that quilters were using the cutting mechanism from dental floss containers to cut thread while they were working projects on a plane.  We’ll see how it works.

My project is a table runner that I started in 2007.    The center block has been pieced for some time – but I hadn’t even started the end blocks which are woolwork.  


I finished one wool- work block last night and basted the other at quilt day today.  

I really am happy that I’ll be able to quilt while onboard.              – There’s not a better way to relax!



There is always time to quilt!
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