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Right Under Our Noses

It’s common knowledge that what you are looking for is probably in your own backyard.  We’ve been disappointed on this trip that we hadn’t seen the ‘quaint little villages’ that Cape Cod is noted for.

But today that changed.  The weather was very cloudy and the threat of rain showers persisted all day so we didn’t want to plan any all-day outside activities.  Instead we decided to walk around the town of Wellfleet.  We are camping just outside of town.

The town has an “abundance of quaint rural seaside character and charm.”  Just what we had in mind with the beautiful landscaped homes that line the narrow streets.

Wellfleet Homes

Beautiful Landscape

Another Beautiful View

Many of the houses have been converted into art galleries showing upscale artwork from pottery to original paintings.

The first gallery we came upon was Glenns Gallery.  It houses a unique display of oil paintings along with handmade lace.  I couldn’t believe it – something for both Tom and I in the same place.  We enjoyed talking with the artist, Maria Lopata who shared her appreciation and love of nature with us.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her paintings and the original lace she had on display

Painting by Maria Lopata

Art and Lace

There is always time to quilt!
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