Winter in Central New York


No not really. Mother Nature is just really confused this winter.  One day it will be in the  50’s and the next we will be lucky to hit 20-30 degrees.

As I was out checking the bird feeders this morning I actually spotted two robins.  There arrival is normally the first sign of spring in Central New York.  We don’t see them this time of year since they usually feed on worms.   Apparently some do winter over feeding on the berries, fruits and seeds that they find on shrubs, trees and vines.  These two were taking advantage of the snow melt to feed on their preferred food.

Image result for what do robins eat in the winter

photo from Journey North website

Unfortunately they flew away before I could take a picture!  – However, I was able to get one of a woodpecker who is a frequent visitor this time of year.

There is always time to quilt!
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