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Table Runners

UFO’s – We all have them.  We laugh about them, move them from one place to another in our storage area and vow that “one” day we will finish them.  Instead we continue to buy new fabric and kits whenever we are in a quilt store – and – never seem to get to the UFO’s.  I’ve decided that it finally time to put a dent in my collection!

I’ve chosen two projects to start on – both are table runners that are ready for quilting.

I haven’t done any machine quilting in a while, so I decided some practice was needed before I began the final pieces.


I made two 15 x 15 quilt sandwiches and filled them with some meander and outline quilting.  It’s not hard – just takes a bit of practice and patience.  Using Sortkwick moistener makes it easier to control the fabric as it’s guided under the needle.  I always keep a container handy, on top of my machine, when quilting.  Using the moistener is more convenient to use than quilting gloves or rubber finger tips.   I also like to raise my chair a little higher than I normally have it when I sew, so that my arms can rest comfortabley on the top of my sewing table.011

Next I put on some of my favorite CD’s  and I’m ready to roll.  I finished quilting about half of the Rainforest Rings table runner today.003

My goal was to spend at least 15 minutes at a time working on a project, but I find that I get caught up in what I’m dong and an hour quickly goes by.  That’s really not a bad thing though – I am enjoying myself while accomplishing something.

There’s always time to quilt!

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