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Medallion for Fall Quilt

After finally deciding which Celtic patch I wanted to use for my Fall quilt, I imported a block from the Internet into Electric Quilt 5 (QE5) to re-size it for the medallion. While in QE5, I also checked to see if it contained other Celtic blocks. The very samfall-quilt-001e block that I had found online – can be found in QE5! – Why didn’t I look there in the first place?

It is very easy to re-size the block in QE5. Just by clicking on the block after it is placed in a custom quilt setting, it can be resized using the Graph Pad or adjust tool. No hassle with copy machines or hand drawing.

Looking at the template, it occurred to me that Ifall-quilt-0032 could use bias strips to complete the design. Having some strips left over from another project, I decided to test them on the template. This should work out fine.

Now to audition the fabric. I definitely  want to use the green background – and now only have to decide which fabric or combination thereof will work the best. I’ll keep the fabrifall-quilt-002c on my design wall so I can view it in daylight and artificial light before I make a final decision.

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