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TLC and Your Sewing Machine

A little TLC goes a long way in assuring that the tool which allows us to explore our passion for quilting is always operating at its peak.  At a minimum, I remove fabric lint between projects.  Lucia Quilting in Camper-5287When sewing with linty fabrics like flannel, I find it necessary to clean often throughout sewing the project.   Some simple safeguards we should all follow are:

  • changing machine needle after 3-4 hours sewing time,
  • not sewing over pins,
  • not using products such as canned air to clean the hook area.  Lint can be forced up into the machine,
  • always removing faceplate and hook; cleaning the areas with the brush provided with your machine,
  • keeping machine covered when not in use.  Lucia Quilting in Camper

These are just a few basic tips.  Post a comment about other tips that you use regularly.

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