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Celtic Applique

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Celtic Applique

I’m now working on the second, on-line class for an Celtic applique table runner.

The ‘stained glass’ inserts are basted in place.

'Stained Glass' Inserts

Now to begin the actual applique.

The bias stems are easily sewn into place with invisible needle-turn applique.

Insert needle into background fabric, next to the thread in the fold of the bias strip.  Bring up needle about 1/8″ from the last stitch.  (As in needle-turn applique, catch just one or two threads of applique fabric.)

Whenever I take a class I’m hoping that I’ll pick up one or two new tips in addition to learning or improving on a technique.  I really like the tip in this lesson to insert  pin with a red head where one  strip will cross over another.  By placing the pin a few stitches before the intersection, it is a reminder that space has to be left to insert a bias strip underneath.

Intersection marked with red-headed pin

There is always time to quilt!

Something New

Thought it was about time to take another quilt class  -haven’t done so in quite some time.  I decided to try an online class on Celtic Applique from Quilt University.    Even thought I’ve done the technique myself on my daughter’s wedding quilt, I thought it would be a good idea to find out if I was doing it right – and possibly pick up some tips.  In addition to the Celtic design, the class will show how to insert fabric into the design, stain glass style.

In the first lesson, we explored different fabrics  and the resulting fabric strips

In addition the instructor suggested that the bias tape maker be held upside down when ironing the bias strip, holding the tape maker at a slight angle to the ironing board and the fabric flat on the ironing board surface.   I think that it really is an easy way to make the bias strips.  The strips are stored on a empty paper towel roll ready to use for the next step of the project.

Now my bias strips are made; pattern has been traced on the background

– I’m ready for session 2, which opens Friday.

There is always time to quilt!

Seminole Quilt

My Seminole quilt top is complete!

I brought to Sandi Verbridge of Sandi’s Quilted Touch on Saturday so she can perform her quilting magic on her long arm machine. She had quilted a few of my quilts when she operated out of the Watertown NY location and I was really pleased with the quilting she did.

Now that she lives and works in Auburn NY, she is only a 30-minute drive from my home. I was looking forward to meeting her in person and see her long arm in operation. Her family room, with a beautiful working fireplace, has been transformed into a workroom for the long arm. What a beautiful setting for any kind of quilting!

On the long arm she just happened to have a quilt on the frame made by friend and fellow quilter, Barb. Barb had worked on this quilt at a recent get together. She was making it for her grandson. The theme of the quilt is the Boy Scouts and Sandi is quilting it with stars.

Sandi asked me what quilting I wanted done on my quilt – and I wasn’t sure. She told me that the fabrics suggested the outdoors to her. Boy did she hit the nail on the head. I wanted the quilt to evoke thoughts of the Adirondacks. I also wanted to add a touch of the Seminole patchwork that I had seen on our trip to Florida this past winter The border made her think of Indian corn. I was so glad that the feeling of my quilt can be readily seen. I can’t wait to see how it is finished. It’s really true that “quilting makes the quilt”. Now I need to start working on the label carries out the outdoor theme.

Quilting From Home!

Applique, Patchwork

Springtime in Central New York

April 4 1009

Yes it’s Spring in Central New York.

April 4 2009

It’s hard to believe that it was in the 60’s last Thursday! This is actually just Mother Nature’s way of letting us know who’s really in charge.

This kind of Spring day just means more time to quilt! Things like yard work will have to be put off for another day – Oh darn!

After putting the rows together for my autumn quilt, I got a good feel for the look of the final quilt by arranging everything up on my design wall.


The first three rows and the medallion have been completed.  I couldn’t resist laying the top on my bed and was very pleased with the way that the warm browns go with my walnut headboard.sprngtime-004

Now to complete the top – two rows to go. Then I plan on adding a Seminole row to top and bottom before finishing with the inner and outer borders.

Quilting From Home!


New Quilt

Now that we’re back in snow country and “all our worldly possessions” have been taken out of the RV and are back in place at home, I can start working on my new quilt.

I bought the fabric for this quilt at Sew Studio while visiting Naples FL last month. The colors are very much the colors of Fall. 004I’m sure that’s probably why I liked them so much.

The fabric has all been washed and now I am planning color placement for the rail fence and 9-patch blocks in the Meadowsweet pattern by Barbara Campbell (January/February 2009 issue Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting). I plan to use a Celtic patch as the center medallion.

Looking for a Celtic pattern I searched the internet for “Celtic appliqué” and came upon a great website, The Online Quilt Block Pattern Library.

celtic-patch-7-quilt-block-pattern1Five hundred free patterns are available for download and I located the perfect Celtic Patch.

What a find!

Quilting at Home!