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Day Three in Charleston – City Walking Tour

It’s still cold – but that is not stopping us from having a great time and seeing the sights.  Today we took a walking tour of Charleston.  The grand old houses have withstood the Revolutionary and Civil Wars along with devastating hurricanes. and earthquakes.  The homes have such unique features:

  • welcoming staircases.  Women would climb one side and men the other so that the men would not be able to see the woman’s ankle.  It was an era when viewing cleavage was acceptable, but seeing a woman’s ankle was not.

  • Privacy doors that concealed entry porches

  • gardens and much more that shows the elegance of the architecture and the city.

Of course I am always looking for quilting ideas.  City Hall had some interesting ironwork displayed on some of their windows

I couldn’t help but think that it would make up into  very beautiful appliques with ruched flowers.

There is always time to quilt!

Day One in Charleston – It’s Cold

We came south for a couple of weeks – first to visit my son and his family – but also for a bit of a break from our upstate New York winter.  In North Carolina it was in the 40’s all week and even dipped down into the 20’s a couple of nights.

Frozen Fountain?

Now we’re in Charleston SC and it looks as though our weather is going to be cold here also.  The forecast is mid-thirty’s during the day and 20’s at night.  Normally daytime temperatures are in high 50’s this time of year.

I think we will be banned from going South in the winter.  Last year we brought colder than normal temperatures to Florida and now it seems the cold has followed us to South Carolina.  It hasn’t been this cold here in twenty years!

But were Central New Yorkers – we won’t let that spoil our vacation.  We visited the City Market on Sunday.  It’s so cold that we thought one of the city fountains had frozen.    Upon closer examination we could tell that it was fake – but it made an interesting picture anyway.

Christmas in the Park

I liked the palm tree and Christmas tree display in the park. This is something you can only see in the South.

We will be taking a walking tour of Charleston today.  (Luckily we brought winter gear with us for our return to CNY.)

Haven’t found any quilt shops yet – but I’m on the lookout for one.

There is always time to quilt!