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Frogs, Frogs and More Frogs

On a quest  for a present for my great-granddaughter’s second birthday, I thought of the frogs that my mother-in-law made for all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren (more than 40 in all) over the years.  I was hoping that she still had the pattern.


Not only did she have the pattern but she had one cut out and waiting to be sewn.  It took less than two hours to complete the frog – This makes the frog a gift from great grandma and great-great grandma – and so the tradition continues!IMG_1231


I was curious to see if the pattern was still available.  An online search turned up a copy on eBay for $8.  The original pattern cost 35¢ in the late 1960’s .IMG_1232

There is always time to quilt!