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Kayaking Again

We’ve been spending some time kayaking since we’ve been here at Homosassa, FL.  Here the kayaking is more to my liking – open water where you can glide on the water endlessly.

We kayaked on the Crystal River today.  When we first set out, the mist was dancing on the water.  By the time we left the sun had come out.

Tom saw quite a few Manatees yesterday, but they were hiding when we went out this morning.  These creatures are as gentle as dolphins  – just not as pleasing to look at.  They come right up to the kayak and swim along with you.  One of the attractions here is to swim with them. Gentle as they are, I still prefer being in the kayak.

Normally Tom is on the water before sunrise to take pictures, but he went out a little later this morning and I went with him.  What a beautiful paddle!chassahowizka-river

Hopefully we’ll get on the water again before we leave.

We came upon a great quilt store this afternoon.  Tomorrow’s Treasures Quilt Shop has a large, well lit classroom and some beautiful quilts on display.  If we come back to Crystal River next year, I plan on signing up for at least one class.  I did find a couple of patterns that I couldn’t resist, but no alligator fabric!  So, I’ll have to keep looking!

Lucia, Quilting from the Road!