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Design Element

Pieced Borders, Seminole Patchwork

Design Element

Needing to make my latest bed quilt larger I’ve added some extra borders and decided to make pieced rather than solid borders. Naturally Seminole Patchwork is one of these  extra borders.

I added a half 4-block at either end of the side strips to make them the correct length. And after attaching the top border I didn’t like the finished look.

Seminole Patchwork (half 4-patch)

So I had to come up with a better idea and I’ve settled on a single block at either end of the strip.

Seminole Patchwork (Single 4-block)

– Thus a design element was born! (At least that what Ive deceided to call it when Pland ‘A’ doesnt work and I have to come up with a Plan ‘B’).

There is always time to quilt!