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Flat Quilt Borders

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Border Piecing

Well it’s finally done! The borders have been added.  I now have a queen-size quilt.  The original pattern was for a double bed.  I decided to combine pieced and solid borders to add a bit of interest.  Once again I used Seminole piecing for one of the borders. 001 Easy to piece but the bias edges can cause a problem.  I solved this by using tear away stabilizer.  Make a sandwich of the top border, Seminole border and stabilizer.  Sew with the stabilizer on the bottom.  No stretching and the stabilizer easily tear’s away.

There is always time to quilt!
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Borders for Wall Hangings

Quilt borders become the quilt’s frame.  There is nothing more disconcerting than a quilt with wavy borders.   A wall hanging can easily develop wavy borders and I’ve found that a few careful steps assure that the quilt will hang flat.

  • Square top before measuring and attaching borders.
  • Measuring quilt for vertical borders

    Quilt top hung on Design Wall in Camper

  • Always measure the quilt top’s length and width through its center, not along the edges.  Edges can stretch as blocks are pieced.
  • Quilt should be hung on a design wall or laid flat on the floor.
  • Cut fabric for vertical borders along the lengthwise grain (parallel to selvage).  The fabric has less stretch when cut this way.  Extra fabric will be needed, but the results are worth the extra cost.  Horizontal borders can be cut on the crosswise grain (perpendicular to selvage).
  • Match the midpoint and ends of border  strips with the midpoint and ends of the quilt top.  Ease fabric between points, pin and stitch.
  • End result – Flat borders!

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