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Seminole Patchwork

Since I first saw Seminole Patchwork at the A-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum at Okalee, FL this past winter, I have been looking for a book of patterns.     Seminole PatchworkI finally found The Seminole Patchwork Book by Cheryl Greider Bradkin.  Not only does it have more than  50 patterns, but it also shows the patterns used in clothing and home accessories.  The book is out of print (it was originally published in 1980).  I was able, however, to find a used copy on

I read through the instructions on recommended tools and materials, and construction techniques.  How quilting has changed over the past 30 years.  This book was written before the advent of the rotary cutter.  Acrylic rulers with 1/8-inch markings were described as “the most versatile” type of ruler that could be used for trimming the patchwork strips.   It suggests that the best scissors to use is Gingher.  This is not surprising to anyone who has ever used a pair of Gingher shears.

I own 4 Gingher Sciccors on Paradedifferent types:   from the 8-inch dressmakers shears to the classic embroidery scissors.   Today the technique of trimming the patchwork pieces is made easy  with the June Taylor Shape Cut ruler.  Initially the pieces needed to be marked with sharpened soft or chalk pencils, almost used up soap cakes, etc. and then trimmed with the scissors.

Now my dilemma – Which of the 60 patterns should I use on my next quilt?

There’s Always Time to Quilt!