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Quilter’s End Knot

The quilter’s knot is a small knot that can easily be hidden within the batting when hand quilting or between the background fabric and applique piece when doing hand applique.   I’ve been looking for directions on  making an end knot for some time now – and one of the tips in the second lesson of the Celtic applique class that I’m taking had just that.  A video can also be found at page on Applique End Knot.  It produces a very small knot that can be hidden easily.

I should have searched the web before this to find out how to do it.

Bring the needle through to the back of the background fabric.

Secure the applique stitch near the entry point

Make a loop and then bring the thread through the loop three times

Pull the thread taunt, buring the knot between the background fabric and applique  This means that there will be no tails that might show through to the background fabric.

Machine applique, Patchwork


Quilt top is almost finished!

Autumn PenniesThe Autumn Pennies table topper uses Kim Diehl’s invisible machine appliqué technique.  This two block quilt, alternates quarter-square triangle blocks with penny blocks.  A project of fabric squares that are five inches or less, the finished penny’s look very much like those in a wool penny rug.

Each penny block consists of 4-different sizes of circles.  With Kim’s technique, the circles are attached to freezer paper; the seam allowances pressed to the waxy side of the paper and the largest circle stitched with mono-filament thread onto a background square. Each of the remaining three circles are stitched on top the previous circle.

Now that the blocks are assembled, all that is left to do is to add the borders.

The book, Simple Seasons, contains projects and recipes for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  The next project in the book that I would like to make is a table runner of yo-yo’s and appliquéd tulips.  Reminding me of Spring, it is appropriately called  Tulips and Tossed Greens.   Even though the appliqué pieces are to be hand appliquéd, they are prepared using Kim’s freezer paper technique. When the shapes are appliquéd in place, the edges have already been turned under, eliminating the need to needle-turn the fabric.

Also included in the book are recipes for each season.  Two look especially good to me:  Summer’s Dilled Pasta Salad, and Winter’s Raspberry Truffles recipes must simply be delicious!

Until next post…

Happy Quilting.