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Perfect Quilt Binding

We all have favorite quilting “tools” that make even mundane tasks easy.  For me, binding the quilt can sometimes be a chore; but binding clips are one of these tools that helps eliminate some of the ‘work’  involved.

I guess I’m always anxious to get started on my next project and would rather that hand sewing be reserved for something creative such as needle-turn appliqué.   (I really do like to hand applique.  I guess I am lucky that my first quilting instructor, Sharon Stroud, showed us how easy needle-turn can be and its beautiful results.)

Attaching the binding to the backside of the quilt seems to take longer than I want it to.  I have tried machine techniques:  using a blind hem stitch and stitching in the ditch, but was never happy with the final results.

The only technique that produces a nice finished binding is to hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt after it has been attached to the front by machine.  If the binding is pinned in place there is a possibility that the pins will slip and/or prick fingers.  A simple tool:  binding clips solve this problem.

Clips hold binding in place

Clips hold binding in place

The special clips (they look like barrettes that we used in the 60’s) are great for holding the binding edge against the quilt edge. And they do a much better job than pins to hold mitered corners in place.

There’s always time to quilt!

Travel quilting

Quilting on the Road

We’re headed back to snow country tomorrow. We left Florida on Friday, spent Saturday in Savannah, GA where we enjoyed a Valentine dinner at a local pub. On Sunday morning we headed for North Carolina to spend a couple of days with my son and granddaughters.

At a gas stop, another truck pulled along side us and as the woman in the passenger seat got out, my husband noticed her folding up quit. Of course I had to introduce myself and look at her project. She was hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. We agreed that this is a great way to pass the time while traveling.

We quilters seem to think alike on so many things – and quilters are so friendly.   I’ve found that having  quilting in common is  a quick and easy way to begin a conversation with a fellow traveler.

Lucia, Quilting from the Road!