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Quilting the Quilt

Every year at our Watson quilting retreat, we have a mini quilters’ exchange.  Last year our group exchanged 5 fat quarters and some background fabric.  Like fabric could be added to finish the project.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at making a miniature quilt for some time now and thought that this was the perfect opportunity.  I decided on a pattern from Lynette Jensen’s  Pint Size Traditions.   Now to quilt it.  I’ve actually had the piece finished for a couple of months now – but wasn’t sure just how best to quilt it.

Finally I pulled out my notes from a machine quilting class by Jan WIldman that I took at Quilt Camp and decided to use the quilting pattern ‘Hearts’  for my miniature.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any machine quilting, so I put together some quilt sandwiches (Making a Quilt Sandwich video link) and made some practice pieces.008

I’ve finished the quilting my exchange piece.  Some of the hearts are a bit “fractured’ unfortunately.  I definitely need more practice!

I’m just hoping that my fellow quilter remembers that the best way to look at a quilt is ‘from a galloping horse’.

There is always time to quilt!
Quilting tools

How Much Fabric do I Need?

Currently I am working on the next two projects that I want to complete on this trip: the Seasons wall hanging and a table topper, Autumn Pennies by Kim Diehl. The monthly blocks for the Seasons wall hanging are almost done – only one to go. The next step is to add the Churn and Dash borders to each block. I brought along fabric from my stash and wanted to make sure that I had enough to frame the blocks alike. The pattern calls for 1/8yd. dark cuts from 12 different fabrics.

So to the Internet I went… I found two sites that I am sure will prove very helpful; now and in the future. The first is Quilt Yardage Calculator. This calculator will determine the yardage needed for specific number and types of blocks (i.e. square, rectangle, half-square triangle etc). The other, Quilt Fabric Calculator will calculate the yardage for an entire quilt.

Using the flash quilt version of Quilt Yardage Calculator confirmed that I had the amount of fabric needed. It also showed me the number of strips to cut.

I took a class from Kim Diehl on her invisible machine appliqué technique at Material Rewards in Dansville, NY last summer. Her pattern for Autumn Pennies is reminiscent of a penny rug. It combines quarter-square-triangle blocks alternately with penny blocks. My favorite time of the year is Fall and the colors in this quilt remind me of Fall. The blocks are completed and just have to be joined together.

Happy quilting.