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Seminole Patchwork


Seminole Quilt

My Seminole quilt top is complete!

I brought to Sandi Verbridge of Sandi’s Quilted Touch on Saturday so she can perform her quilting magic on her long arm machine. She had quilted a few of my quilts when she operated out of the Watertown NY location and I was really pleased with the quilting she did.

Now that she lives and works in Auburn NY, she is only a 30-minute drive from my home. I was looking forward to meeting her in person and see her long arm in operation. Her family room, with a beautiful working fireplace, has been transformed into a workroom for the long arm. What a beautiful setting for any kind of quilting!

On the long arm she just happened to have a quilt on the frame made by friend and fellow quilter, Barb. Barb had worked on this quilt at a recent get together. She was making it for her grandson. The theme of the quilt is the Boy Scouts and Sandi is quilting it with stars.

Sandi asked me what quilting I wanted done on my quilt – and I wasn’t sure. She told me that the fabrics suggested the outdoors to her. Boy did she hit the nail on the head. I wanted the quilt to evoke thoughts of the Adirondacks. I also wanted to add a touch of the Seminole patchwork that I had seen on our trip to Florida this past winter The border made her think of Indian corn. I was so glad that the feeling of my quilt can be readily seen. I can’t wait to see how it is finished. It’s really true that “quilting makes the quilt”. Now I need to start working on the label carries out the outdoor theme.

Quilting From Home!

Quilting with Friends

Quilting Get-Together

Our Guild members enjoyed getting together so much on National Quilting Day that we wanted to find a way to do it more than just one day a year.

The new library in Marcellus, NY encourages groups to use their community room for activities.  The lighting is perfect  for quilting and chairs are very comfortable.  There’s plenty of room to spread out projects and set up ironing and cutting stations.  We’re lucky that our Guild is located in such a community.

One of our members made arrangements for us to use the room on a monthly basis.  Just think the opportunity to quilt, problem solve and interact with other quilters all day – no interruptions!  We were able to have our first get-together today.
I decided to work on the hand-piecing project from a class that I had taken in 2003.  Hand-piecing is easy and a perfect take-a-long project.  But now I remember why I never finished it – I don’t like the scrappy look.I’ll have to go through my stash and coordinate some fabrics before I can go back to it it again.

I’m not any closer to my plan only to work on UFO’s this year.  I put that plan aside when I found the “perfect” earth tone fabrics and learned about Seminole Patchwork on a trip to Florida this winter.  Of course I had to start a new quilt!
Nevertheless we all enjoyed ourselves so much that we are hoping the library will allow us to use the room twice a month – and not just once a month!
Quilting from Home!

Machine Piecing

Rainy Spring Days

Two rainy days this week –

Seminole Patchwork

Just the excuse that I needed to spend some time quilting.

I  decided to begin the Seminole strip for my quilt.


Shape Cut Tool

Cutting was a breeze with the Shape Cut by June Taylor.

Strip Piecing – (My second timesaver)

What an easy way to make this strip for the quilt.  It looks difficult, but the key is an accurate 1/4-seam.

To help me maintain that 1/4-inch seam, my husband etched markings on the clear base plate that came with  my sewing machine cabinet. Now its easy to line up and keep the blog4-22-0011edge of the material a scant 1/4-inch away from the needle, before it is fed under the machine’s presser foot.

Yesterday,  I had lunch with fellow quilters, Mae and Ruth. At our “mini’ Show-n-Tell I pulled out a sample of the Seminole strip that I’m sewing.  They agreed that the Seminole piecing will add a very unique finish to my quilt and definitely looks harder to make than it really is.

Quilting from Home!

Machine Piecing, Patchwork

Seminole Patchwork at Home

Tuesday, Priscilla Kibbee treated members of the Thumbstall Quilt Guild to a Wearable Art Trunk Show. A world traveler, Priscella collects the most amazing finds and incorporates the treasures into the clothing she creates.

Whether it is beaded molas from Panama, needlepoint from Turkmenistan, beading or Seminole strip embellishment that she creates, or fabric manipulation; all are fashioned into wearable art.

In the same way, I was fascinated by the intricacies of Seminole patchwork, that I saw when visiting  the Everglades earlier this year.  With the aid of hand-cranked sewing machines the Seminole  used up scraps of fabric to create beautiful designs in everything they made.

It was equally interesting to see Seminole patchwork incorporated into 21st Century clothing. Thank you Priscilla for sharing your talent with us.

Quilting from Home!

RV Quilting, Seminole Patchwork, Travel quilting

Seminole Patchwork

”]seminole-canoe-with-sewing-machine-6780On a recent trip to the Seminole Museum, Ah-Tha-Ti-Ki (A Place to Remember), I saw examples of Seminole patchwork on display. Wanting to learn more about it’s origins, I accessed the museum’s website. The Seminole Quilting Style is very unique.  In the early 1900’s the  Seminole began making clothing from cotton fabric rather than traditional animal hides and skins.  Going once a year to a trading post such as Ted Smallwood’s Store and Trading Post in Chokoloskee Florida,  they would trade alligator hides, egret plumes, etc.  for supplies including bolts of cotton cloth. This trip took several days.

Needing to be frugal, women would sew the small strips of leftover fabric into larger pieces to be used as decoration (strip clothing).  In the early 1900’s hand-cranked sewing machines were used to make clothing. (left).  The craft was also used to make doll clothing.  (See end of post).   Necessity turned into wearable art.!

At the quilt store, Sew Studio in Naples, FL, I found fabric seminole-fabricto make a quilt reminiscent of our trip here.  The staff was extremely helpful and I came out with a collection of fabric that is colorful and earthy at the same time.

I was able to find some Seminole patterns on-line.  The designs are actually very simple and should be easy to work into the pattern, Meadowsweet, from the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting. I plan on adding Seminole strips on the top and bottom of the quilt. I can’t wait to get started!

Seminole Patchwork Doll

Seminole Patchwork Doll

Lucia, Quilting on the Road!

There is always time to quilt!