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Kayaking in the Everglades

Sunday I took a break from quilting – my husband finally convinced me to go kayaking!  Tom & Great Blue on Turner RiverNormally I look forward to being out on the water in my kayak while he is in his, taking pictures.  The thought of sharing the water with alligators, however, is another story.

Luckily  I only saw two alligators sunning themselves on the bank of the river.  Apparently they need the warmth of the sun to digest their food.  So they spend their days on-land sleeping and digestinGreat Blue Herong anything eaten during the night.  (What a life!)  If the weather is cold (cold by Florida standards) they don’t eat    I was very happy that they didn’t decide to take a swim while I was near!

We did see some native birds also, an egret and a great blue heron among others.  The heron was very happy to pose for me.

While it was interesting going through the canopy of the mangroves – I really prefer gliding on the open water.

Lucia, Quilting on the Road!