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The Binding Thingy

Yes there really is a quilt tool called The Binding Thingy. And I have one!

That Binding Thingy

That Binding Thingy

My husband is always looking for neat gadgets that I can use while quilting. When I came across this one in the Keepsake Quilting Catalog – I was sure that it would be one of my Christmas presents – I knew that he would buy it just because of it’s name. I wasn’t sure that it would be such a great tool, though.

The Thingy eliminates slip stitching mitered corners of the quilt binding. In addition there is no need to “walk” the continuous binding strip around the quilt to make sure that the miters fall anyplace except in the quilt’s corners. Four binding strips are cut 3-4” longer than each of the sides of the quilt. The corners are sewed on the machine and turned to make perfect mitered corners.

Now if someone can only come up with an easy way to attach the binding to the back side of the quilt – I’d be ever so happy.

The perfect mitered corner

The perfect mitered corner

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