Those Pesky Scraps

Now that you’ve organized your yardage, we need to tackle the leftover fabric . I started storing my own ‘scraps’ in plastic bags by color. This worked well at first. I had a ready supply of fabric pieces anytime I wanted – especially for hand applique. Unfortunately the scrap stash got out of hand.

So I decided to take a class in Scrap Therapy with Joan Ford. That was a great beginning! In Joan’s class, we cut the scraps into 3 different sizes. These can be combined into an almost infinite number of patterns to make some very beautiful and interesting quilts.

Then I came across the idea of cutting the leftovers into other sizes of usable squares and strips The key to organizing these scraps is to determine the sizes you will use the most. I find that many of the quilts I make call for 2-1/2″ and 3″ squares.  For the strips I  most often use 2-1/4″ strips for binding and 1-1/2″ and 3″ strips for Seminole Patchwork.  Fat quarters are stored by color also.

Now I have a number of shoe boxes with strips and squares sorted by color and sized to use in any quilt. As I finish up a project I cut the leftovers into various sizes and stash them away.

On the same note Fons and Porter ran a short survey online on stash storage. Almost all of those who responded store their stash in plastic bins or shelves. Goes to show you we quilters really are an organized group of people.   It certainly helps when to trying to find the perfect to make or finish a quilt!

There is always time to quilt!
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