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We’ve thawed out

We not only survived sleeping in the Ice Hotel where the temperature is always between 37 and 41 degrees, but we had a great time doing it.  If we had any trepidations about spending the night, they were quickly put aside by the staff.  They made sure we were thoroughly instructed on how to have the best experience during our stay.

When we first arrived we were taken on a tour where we learned the history of the hotel and  everything that it takes to get the structure off the ground.  The Hotel de Glace is not just a winter fantasy.Hotel Glace

Since 2001, the uniqueness of the Hotel de Glace is it’s magical design.  Every guest is  not only treated to a cocktail served in an ice glass in the Disco,




but they have the opportunity to go down a 66 ft. ice slide (the slide was unfortunately still under construction while we at the hotel) and as well – spend the night in one of its 44 rooms.


It’s really not as cold as it looks!

After we left the disco we enjoyed the hot tub under the stars and visiting with another couple who were also spending the night.  When we finally snuggled into our sleeping bags  and liner atop a mattress sitting on a sculpted ice base we slept as comfortable as we would have in our own bed at home.  The cold certainly didn’t keep us awake!









What an experience!

There is always time to quilt!
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