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“Where everybody knows your name…”

In  every month that has five Thursdays, one of my favorite local quilt stores, Mission Rose,    has a ““Go Green” Bag Day” Sale, which translates into a 20% savings on all purchases.  A group of us take the  lunch hour to check out the new  patterns,  material, etc.  I really enjoy interacting with the Mission Rose staff and fellow quilters.  It certainly is ego boosting to  “go where everybody knows your name”.

Last Thursday,  we were trying to find fabric for the border of my Celtic quilt.  Since I had altered the pattern by adding the Seminole strip, I  recalculated the amount of border fabric and thought that I would need 3 yards to complete it.  I had originally purchased 2-1/2 yds. for both the border and binding.   So, I was on a mission to  find replacement fabric.  No matter how much all of us looked, we couldn’t find anything that we liked as much as my original choice.

Barb, one of the staff at Mission Rose, overheard our dilemma and offered the obvious solutions that we had all come up with and rejected:  Can you make the borders narrower, or add more borders?  Then she quickly calculated the fabric needed and came to the conclusion that I actually needed less than two yards for the border.  The computer calculations were set to make borders that are cut along the straight grain.  Joining the borders with miters will effectively hide the fact that they are joined.  I think it helps a wall quilt hang better and not curl when the borders are cut on the straight grain, but certainly mitered borders will work on a bed quilt.

Avid quilters like to go to quilt shops for more than the fabric.  Not only do the  shops have the best quality fabric and supplies, but the staff is knowledgeable, willing to help as you ponder fabric selections and to help solve problems.  I have come to rely on their knowledge and expertise to hopefully make me a better quilter.

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