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March 2021

Quilting, RVing

Winter Vacation

Here we are in South Carolina enjoying the last month (I hope) or winter. Our upstate home in Central New York is enjoying a high temperature today in the low 50’s. That’s where our temperature started today With the arrival of the Covid vaccine we cancelled our two month winter trip to Georgia this year and opted to go to Myrtle Beach for a shorter period.

Of course I brought along some quilting projects and have worked a bit on them. We’ve only had one rainy morning when we didn’t want to leave the camper. So I’ve done more handwork while watching TV in the evening. I’m currently working on a embroidered center for a Kathy Schmitz wall hanging “Fall Harvest”. I really like combining two techniques (in this case embroidery and piecing) while quilting.

As you can imagine most of our time has been spent sitting or walking the beach. Sitting on the beach is quite a rarity for us.

It’s become very relaxing to take a book down to the beach while the waves are rushing towards shore. I’m amazed at the different colors the ocean displays from day to day: sky blue to green; brown to dark grey. Makes you want to put them all into a quilt!

There is always time to quilt!