49 Years and Counting

IMG_0520My husband and I celebrated our 49th Anniversary with a trip to Northern New York recently.  I cannot believe it – the big one next year!  We’re trying to decide on a special trip to celebrate.  Top contenders seem to be a European River Trip, Prince Edward Island, Western National Parks.  So this year we decided to sort of keep it low-key – just a simple get away.

IMG_0519We began with a trip to Oswego NY and For Ontario.  The main draw was the exhibit of the War of 1812 Quilt Challenge.  The top 24 winners are hung in the officers’ quarters of the fort.  A bit of history on the quilts;  ‘Cot to Coffin quits (30″x 70″) were used by Civil War soldiers because they would have been small enough to roll into a backpack and would also have served as a burial shroud when needed.  While there is no actual documentation these quilts were used by soldiers during the War of 1812, historians believe that there was a distinct possibility that they would have had quilts such as these made by family members.

This was definitely an interesting exhibit.   A write-up for each quilt told the inspiration of each quilt-maker.



There is always time to quilt!
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