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Quilt Bindings

Quilt Bindings

Binding – a New Way

At a recent sew day some of my fellow quilters were talking about a different method of binding quilts ie. using two different fabrics so that the binding matches the front and back of the quilt.  Since I had one more quilt to bind for our quilt show next week  I decided to try it.  The results give a clean sharp edge to the binding as well as a nice look.

To make a 2-color binding for a quilt is really easy:

  • Cut fabric strips for binding (Add length and width of quilt.  Multiply times 2.  Add 10″ to allow for mitered corners  and finishing miter to join ends.:
    • Strip to match the quilt front – cut width – 1″
    • Strip to match the quilt back – cut width – 2″
  • Join strips together.
  • Using a 1/4″ seam sew front and back strips together:



  • Press seam open:


Sew binding to quilt front matching front fabric:



Open binding out bring to the back of the quilt,


finger-press binding along the fold for a nice crisp edge.   Hand sew into place.



I think I’ll use this method quite a bit. I really like the sharp look it gives a quilt!

There is always time to quilt!
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Christmas with Friends

Earlier this week, I had lunch with two good quilting friends (Lisa & Mae) to celebrate Christmas.  We look forward to seeing what each of us has put together for our annual gift exchange.  Of course one of our favorite things to do is shop hop and we’re always on the lookout for things that each of us would like.  Lisa’s favorites themes are penguins and patriotic, Mae’s are gingerbread men, and mine are hummingbirds and cardinals.

I made each of them a candle mat along with a few trinkets including a gingerbread pattern for Mae and a “quilt sayings” panel for Lisa.


Mae's Candle Mat


Lisa's Candle Mat

They both (unknowingly) added to my cardinal collection.   My house is pretty small, but I’ll have to find room for these.

In addition, the fat quarter collection is happy, bright colors.  Quite a change from what I normally choose.  Can’t wait to see them in a quilt.  A group of us in the guild are making fat quarter quilts next year.   This should be a perfect palette for the project.


My Favorite Things


Winter in Upstate New York


Our Camper - All Loaded and Ready for the Trip South

Now that we’ve celebrated Christmas with my daughter and her family and Tom’s family here in upstate New York, we’re headed for North Carolina tomorrow to spend the next week with my son and the granddaughters, Shannon (age 14) and Jordan(age 11).  I told Jordan that I was bringing a casserole of baked lasagna that I had made last Sunday and frozen.  “Yum,” she said. “Are we making pasta salad while your here?”  Grandma can’t say, ‘No”.

Jordan had asked me to show her how to quilt when they visited earlier this year.  I helped her make a’ paper’ crazy quilt.  Now I’ve borrowed a book from our guild library on teaching children how to quilt. Both she and Shannon want to give it a try.  So our camper has the sewing machine along with my supply of scraps, rulers. cutting mat etc.  It should prove interesting.

We’ll visit with them until New Year’s day and then end our short winter get-away with a week in Charleston, SC.

Check out our website Tom and Lucia on the Road for an update on our travels.  Of course I’ll be bringing along a couple of projects.  I have two table runners that I will finish binding and an applique/redwork project that is a great take-along project while traveling.

There is always time to quilt!
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Every year we (the members of the Thumbstall Quilt Guild) are challenged to make a mini quilt.  We are given a theme and specific instructions on such things as size, technique and/or colors.  “Do Not Touch the Quilts” is the theme for this year’s challenge and it must be 11″ x 11″ or smaller.  We are able to use the technique or fabric of our choice.

These small quilts will be used at our biennial quilt show as a reminder  not to handle the quilts. It’s such a temptation to pick up the corner of the quilt in order to see the quilting detail.  I’ve found myself putting my hands in my pockets, or walking with my hands behind my back while at a quilt show so not to take a quick peek.

My quilt, Please Keep Your ‘Paws’ off the Quilts, is just about finished.

Do not touch the quilts

Do not touch the quilts

I only have to attach the binding.  I am definitely going use the Binding Thingy to make those ‘perfect’ mitered corners.  What a great tool.

At our annual picnic  this month the membership will vote on their favorite quilts.  First, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons  will be awarded.

There’s always time to quilt!

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Summer at our Place

Now that it’s officially summer, Tom and I enjoy spending as much time as possible on our deck. 027 Since I retired and he has moved his business to our home we are normally able to have lunch and dinner on the deck as well as spend time in the evening reading until darkness drives us indoors.

This week has been a bit of a challenge however with thunderstorms every afternoon.  Luckily,  for most of the week it  only rained in the middle of the afternoon.  We were still able to enjoy lunch and dinner  and spend some time after dinner on the deck.  However yesterday it rained pretty much all day.  But today the weather alternated between partly cloudy to partly sunny. All in all – not a bad deck day.


I couldn’t resist spending some time in my gardens also and even took a few pictures.

Of course , I also found  some time to work on the binding for my Celtic quilt.  It’s all most finished.  I just have to add the label and finish hand sewing the last section of the binding to the back of the quilt.

There’s always time to quilt!Snowball bush

Red Rasberries

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Perfect Quilt Binding

We all have favorite quilting “tools” that make even mundane tasks easy.  For me, binding the quilt can sometimes be a chore; but binding clips are one of these tools that helps eliminate some of the ‘work’  involved.

I guess I’m always anxious to get started on my next project and would rather that hand sewing be reserved for something creative such as needle-turn appliqué.   (I really do like to hand applique.  I guess I am lucky that my first quilting instructor, Sharon Stroud, showed us how easy needle-turn can be and its beautiful results.)

Attaching the binding to the backside of the quilt seems to take longer than I want it to.  I have tried machine techniques:  using a blind hem stitch and stitching in the ditch, but was never happy with the final results.

The only technique that produces a nice finished binding is to hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt after it has been attached to the front by machine.  If the binding is pinned in place there is a possibility that the pins will slip and/or prick fingers.  A simple tool:  binding clips solve this problem.

Clips hold binding in place

Clips hold binding in place

The special clips (they look like barrettes that we used in the 60’s) are great for holding the binding edge against the quilt edge. And they do a much better job than pins to hold mitered corners in place.

There’s always time to quilt!