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Winter Vacation

Here we are in South Carolina enjoying the last month (I hope) or winter. Our upstate home in Central New York is enjoying a high temperature today in the low 50’s. That’s where our temperature started today With the arrival of the Covid vaccine we cancelled our two month winter trip to Georgia this year and opted to go to Myrtle Beach for a shorter period.

Of course I brought along some quilting projects and have worked a bit on them. We’ve only had one rainy morning when we didn’t want to leave the camper. So I’ve done more handwork while watching TV in the evening. I’m currently working on a embroidered center for a Kathy Schmitz wall hanging “Fall Harvest”. I really like combining two techniques (in this case embroidery and piecing) while quilting.

As you can imagine most of our time has been spent sitting or walking the beach. Sitting on the beach is quite a rarity for us.

It’s become very relaxing to take a book down to the beach while the waves are rushing towards shore. I’m amazed at the different colors the ocean displays from day to day: sky blue to green; brown to dark grey. Makes you want to put them all into a quilt!

There is always time to quilt!
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Camping Again – Finally!

Our first actual trip in 2020. Like most Americans, Covid-19 has delayed any travel this year. New York is beginning to get back to some sort of normalcy and we are now able to do some traveling. As a result, this trip brings us to Clayton NY on the St. Lawrence Seaway. On our first night in the campground. we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Unfortunately, since this is the first week of Phase 3, many of the beautiful venues are not opened yet. We did visit the lighthouse at Tibbits Point,, where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence meet.

Here we enjoyed a leisurely lunch by the river.

Last evening before dinner we sighted a beautiful sailboat from our campsite.

Oh, I wish I was on this sailboat right now!

In addition, I was able to attend of virtual zoom meeting of my quilt guild. This is only the second time we have had a virtual meeting this year. Our presenter was Karen Miller of Red Bird Quilts. She gave a very informative session on Auriful Threads. It’s so good to see everyone even if only on the screen.

Today we are headed for Alex Bay and the Thousand Islands to check out some of the tourist sites. Even if they are not open, the area is so beautiful that we may just enjoy a hike and lunch by the water.

Does it get any better than this?

There is always time to quilt!
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75 Days to Spring?

Here we are stranded in the middle of a Walmart parking lot in Savannah GA. We decided to take our newly acquired camper South to visit friends and family over the holidays. Traveling from a vIsit with friends in Florida to my son’s home in North Carolina, today we are caught in the middle of an ice/snow storm. So we decided to fill the propane tanks and water jugs – and wait it out

Kids everywhere are the same!

Of course my husband couldn’t resist his turn in the snow


Only he could find something to photograph in a Walmart parking lot

To make matters worse we’ll just found that the weather in our hometown, the “snow capital” (Syracuse NY), is sunny and the roads are clear!

One of many

Luckily I have my iPad and more projects with me than I could finish in a month.There is always time to quilt!

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Now This is Camping!!!


We have finally replaced our travel trailer and took it on its maiden voyage last weekend!

Now this is really my idea of camping.  I love to set up my sewing machine in the campground, outside – it’s quite a conversation starter.


We decided to really make this camper our own with some of my quilts and Tom’s pictures.



Since it’s so late in the season, we only have plans to take the camper out two more times this year: a trip to Seneca Lake next month and down south during the Christmas holiday to visit friends and family.  Of course we may have to plan another trip if Mother Nature decides  to extend the season.  Who would have thought that the temperatures would be near 90 the last week of September in Upstate NY and that we’d be running the air conditioner.

I definitely will have hand quilting projects to bring with me!There is always time to quilt!

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Well – it’s official!  Tom and I are on our way to obtain official ‘Snowbird’ status.  I just made the reservation for our winter trip to McAllen TX, just north of the Mexican border.  We’ll probably be leaving just after Christmas to spend time with my son and family in North Carolina and plan on arriving in McAllen around Jan. 21.  We’ll leave for home March 25 and should arrive back in the Central New York area the second week of April.  Can’t believe we’ll be away from home that long.

Tom will participate in a photo workshop during one week of our stay.  I’ve talked with the park manager and have arranged to take some quilt classes at a neighboring RV Park.  In addition I’ll be teaching a class in hand applique while I’m there.

Now I’m on a quest to find some other quilting opportunities in the area.  Life sure is tough – but I’m up for the challenge!There is always time to quilt!