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Last month fellow guild member, Connie, who has been in cancer remission  for some time, was told that cancer had returned.  We were all devastated.  The Guild members got together and decided to make a quilt that would hopefully lift her spirits a bit.  We each made a block  and one of the members volunteered to assemble the quilt top.

I had just finished putting her block together when I received a message from the president of our guild that she had passed away. It was decided to give the quilt to her family as a token of how much we thought of her. Her husband and son had helped in many ways over the years, especially as we set up our quilt show. (Our husbands are as generous as our members).

I think that Connie is spending her time quilting and is even finishing the quilts she starts. I once read a story about a knitter who would always cast on stitches for a new knitting project before she completed her current project. She always had a project that was being worked on. One morning a friend came to visit and found that she had died during the night.  On the bed beside her was a closed box. Upon opening the box she found completed sweater, and knitting needles but no new project.

I am sure that as long as I have UFO’s (and I really have more than my share), I’ll never be able to die!

Quilting From Home!

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