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Quilting tools are found in the strangest places…  not only at the obvious place – a quilt store – but also at the store that sells office supplies and discount stores.

On a recent quilt weekend we came across a new marking pen, the Frixion Ball Erasable Gel Pen.  The ink is ‘thermo-sensitive’  and will disappear from paper as it is erased.  For quilters this ‘thermo-sensitivity’ means that the markings will also disappear when ironed.

I have tried many marking tools:  chalk, various pencils, etc.  but none have been this easy to mark and to remove.  The marking does not rub off.

 How many times have you had to re-mark as you embroider or applique?  However when you want to remove the markings, all you need do is iron the piece.   What could be easier!!


These pens are available in 10 colors, not only at local quilt shops but also at office supply and discount stores.



There is always time to quilt!
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