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Genie Barnes, a founding member of the Thumbstall Quilt Guild Skaneateles NY, recently gave a presentation to the Guild on Color When Choosing Fabric for a Quilt. One of the many tips she also gave us was that you should always bring a Design Wall with you when traveling. This idea really hit home because my husband and I were planning a two-month trip to Florida in January and February.

Of course I immediately went home and told Tom that I needed to havDesign Walle a Design Wall in our camper. He shook his head and I could just see him trying to picture my 7-foot square Design Wall in our 28-foot camper! What I had in mind was a 3-foot square piece of flannel that could be put up as needed with a Velcro strip. The Design Wall seems to be working out just fine. It is pictured here with the Fall/Winter Weekenders Reversible Bell Pull from The Stash Store.

Happy Quilting.

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