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“Does God Have Enough Hands?”

One of our ‘must’ stops in New York City was a trip to Ground Zero.

On display is a quilt by Deborah Fell.

Does God Have Enough Hands?

The accompanying plaque certainly gives us pause to reflect, especially as we approach this Fourth of July weekend.  Please don’t let us forget how and why this country was founded – on Christian principles and ethics.  The song that Congress chose to sing on the steps of the Capitol on that horrific occasion was God Bless America. Partisan politics were set aside showing the world and ourselves the solidarity of our country.    I wish we were able to do that every day!

(Unfortunately with my photographic skills, or lack thereof, the plaque is very hard to read in this picture so I’ve repeated the wording below.)

”  ‘Tuesday’s Child:  Does God Have Enough Hands?’

A news story about a young child epitomized the week’s tragic events.  The parent was trying to explain, why Daddy wasn’t coming home from work at the World Trade Center.  In her explanation, the mother said that God came down and lifted Daddy to heaven that day.  The little boy looked up at his mother and asked,

‘Does God have enough hands?’

The art quilt is a response to the horrific events that changed the United States forever.  It is an abstracted image of the toppled World Trade Center Towers.  The rubble below are photographic transfers of newspaper articles, headlines and photographs.  It is unorganized with chaos reigning everywhere.  The quilt is unfinished — the building is exposed & charred & threads are not trimmed — reflecting the vast number of lives that were so unfinished when the World Trade Center was destroyed.

There are no words.  Only frozen thoughts.

This piece is dedicated to all the victims of the World Trade Center bombing.  It is specifically dedicated to my friend who carefully walked away from the bombing, navigating the darkness until he & a colleague reached safety across the Brooklyn Bridge.”


Let us never forget!


There is always time to quilt!
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