Organizing your quit stash

Everything Old is New Again

Sometimes it’s good to ‘stop and smell the roses’ or ‘stop and look at some of the quilts’ that are around the house.   I took inventory of the quilts I have around the house and put a few in my favorite ‘quilt storage place’ (on the bed in our spare room) replacing them with some that have been in storage for a while.  {As you probably know. this is really the best way to store quilts.  If quilts are folded for long periods of time they tend to develop permanent creases.  If a quilt cannot be  stored completely flat it should be refolded a different way periodically.}

 One of my projects has hung on my wall in my sewing area for some time now.  This particular project was a guild challenge that was really out of my comfort zone.  (Brights instead of the earth-tone fabrics I normally pick.)    I really had to force myself to complete the project to use the fabric.  I really didn’t like the bright challenge fabric.


When finally completed I was committed to find a use for it.  Actually it makes a perfect background for the quilt pins I’ve collected over the years.

I think it works!

There is always time to quilt!
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