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It’s Done!

The 2011 Thumbstall Raffle Quilt top is finished!  It’s been a a year of organizing and stressing over color choices, pattern adaptation, distributing blocks, follow-up – but definitely worth it!  A group of us got together a couple of weeks ago and put the blocks together.

Unfortunately some of the star point tips were a little short. May shared a tip that helps preserve most of the points.  She called it pivoting the point.

Quilt Tip:

The first step is to insert a pin in the star point vertically,

and then eyeball the quarter inch of the facing block.

Then pivot the remaining fabric resulting in a near perfect 1/4 ” seam.

Julie and I added the borders and now the quilt is in the hands of a guild member who is a long arm quilter. She will custom quilt the top proving that ‘quilting really makes the quilt!’

There is always time to quilt!
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