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Outside My Element

Each year our quilt guild members are able to enjoy a number of workshops. This year is no exception – although the workshops and monthly meetings will be presented a bit differently. Unfortunately, thanks to Covid-19 we have not been able to have a physical meeting since February.

Last month our membership participated in a virtual meeting via ‘Zoom’. We had our scheduled program on ‘Barn Quilts’ along with our regular business meeting and ‘show and tell’. Our members (58 of our 90+ members participated) have certainly been busy during our time of isolation. Many of them had multiple ‘show and tell’ quilts. It was definitely welcome to participate again!

Also our May meeting was paired with a workshop giving us the opportunity to make our own Barn Quilts. Even though I was anxious to participate, having seen some barn quits on recent trips in our camper, I was definitely working out my element. Quilting is one thing, painting and drawing quilt another!

Luckily Wenda Coburn of Barn Quilts with Wenda was able to transform the workshop to a Facebook group with videos that gave us the step-by-step directions on the how-to’s of making a barn quilt. She readily answered questions as they came up

Also we were provided an extensive collection of designs. I planned on making the illusion pattern Pinwheel Maze but when I looked on Pinterest to see some color variations I came across a barn quilt featuring a hummingbird . I couldn’t resist. The result:

HummingBird Haven

I still have some finishing work to do. Can’t wait to see it hung on our shed.

Now I’m looking for an excuse to make another one!

There is always time to quilt!
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