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Skinny Bias Strips

blog-bias-strips-008Now to make the bias strips for the Celtic medallion.   Strips of fabric were cut on the bias 1-1/4 inches wide, sewn 1/4 inch from the folded edge and trimmed to 1/16″ of the stitching. Using bias bars the seam side was then ironed, centering the seam on the back of the strip.

(Carol’s Quilt Cafe).

The next step is to applique the medallion.


After transferring the Celtic design to the background fabric with the aid of my light box, I am pin basting and then will applique the strips in place using an invisible stitch (Quilter’s Newsletter, Foolproof Applique).

I prefer hand applique to machine applique, especially for these skinny strips.








It is so much easier to blog-bias-strips-001control the stitching  with hand applique.





And it’s a perfect project to work on while watching TV or riding in the car.





Quilting at Home!

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