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Stuffed Peppers

Last night Tom treated to me to a dinner filled with some of my favorites:: bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed peppers and tuna steak.

The stuffed peppers were a complete surprise. Tom dislikes peppers, both cooked and raw. For my part, putting them in any dish only makes that dish better. When we were first married I tried to get him to eat stuffed peppers, but he would only eat the filling – so I gave up making them. Even he was impressed with these. I think its the addition of red peppers instead of green. The red have a sweeter flavor and not the bite of a green pepper. Now I can add this dish to our menu.

He was having such a good time putting this meal together that I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to record it.

It's all in the preparation

Appetizer: Grilled bacon wrapped scallops

Entree #1 - Stuffed peppers

Entree #2 - Tuna Steaks

I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

This afternoon we headed to Material Rewards Quilt Shop in Dansvlle, NY. I can’t imagine being in the area and not visiting. I did a bit of damage but had a great time talking with the staff and ‘browsing’. They were working on Kid Comfort Quilts. We talked about being able to use some of our talents to somewhat help ease the burden of military families.

Tonight we are going to the Glen Iris Inn here at the park for dinner. Can’t imagine tonight’s meal topping last night’s!

There is always time to quilt!
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