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Quilt with Friends


Quilting with Friends-Nothing Beats It!

Last weekend was spent  with 5 very special people at Upstairs Inn in Watkins Glen.  Located over O’Susannah’s Quilt Shop it’s a delightful getaway with a fantastically lit and spacious workroom, comfortable bedrooms,  kitchen and sitting/dining area.  The rooms are decorated with quilted wall hangings  and each bed is topped with a welcoming quilt.

We’ve heard glowing remarks from fellow Thumbstall Guild members who have gone to the Inn over the years but we really had to experience it ourselves to appreciate what they were talking about.

Pauline, Lisa and I left Syracuse on Thursday morning stopping along the way at Liberty Cottage  in Canandaigua NY and  Ivy Thimble in Victor NY.    OK – OK – as my husband pointed out when I told him we were stopping at these two shops  (West of Syracuse) before we went to Watkins Glen (South of Syracuse) they are not ‘on the way.’  I guess its something only a quilter would understand.  Liberty Cottage carries an amazing array of wool that has to be seen to be believed and Ivy Thimble,  housed in what must have been a train station at one time, has a great selection of 108-inch backing fabric among other ‘quilter’s necessities.

At the Inn Lisa and Mae treated each of us to a ‘goodie’ bucket:

O'Susannah-'13 034filled with among other things: St. Patrick’s Day fat quarter, necklace and socks.  We of course had to model our socks.  Quilters that we are – we had to make sure that like patterns were strategically placed for this picture.

O'Susannah-'13 050

Sock It To Me

Three of us (Lisa, Mae and myself) decided to make ‘Dancing Umbrella’ quilts.  While we all used batiks, we each chose fabrics that were very different.

Mae’s fabric choices are vibrant,

Mae's Dancing Umbrellas

Mae’s Dancing Umbrellas

Lisa’s fabrics are very bright,

O'Susannah-'13 055

Lisa’s Dancing Umbrellas


and I mine  are understated

My Dancing Umbrellas

My Dancing Umbrellas

Our goal is to finish the quilts in time for the Thumbstall Quilt Show next summer.

Everyone else worked on their individual projects:

Sue's Flag

Sue’s Flag

Karen's Pinwheels

Karen’s Pinwheels


Pauline's table runner

Pauline’s table runner


















We noted the lack of clocks at the Inn but soon came to welcome the fact that the only one was in the kitchen.  We spent the time quilting, talking and just enjoying ourselves and  not worrying about when it was time to eat or even sleep.  We did manage to do some of both  – but it certainly was not a priority.  O'Susannah-'13 040

It’s great to get some suggestions when putting the fabrics together for a quilt:

O'Susannah-'13 048









Sue treated us to some ‘yummy’ bakery cookies:



And speaking of ‘Yummy”

Lisa's Yummy' Quilt

Lisa’s Yummy’ Quilt

What a rejuvenating time with friends!


The Gang

The Gang (1)


O'Susannah-'13 051

The Gang (2)







Yes – we’ve reserved our weekend for next year – and are even talking about adding an extra day to our stay.

There is always time to quilt!