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Wedding Red White and Blue

One of my favorite things about quilting are the friends that I’ve made over the past 10+ years.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than quilting with these friends.

Last Sunday, Mae and Lisa and I got together to begin a Double Wedding Ring Quilt for Mae’s son who will be getting married next year.  She and her future daughter-in-law decided on a double wedding ring pattern using a variety of reds and blues for the rings that will be sewn onto a white-on-white background

Deciding on fabric placement

Mae decided to use the Quiltsmart technique – It’s not only a very accurate way to make the wedding ring pattern but is quite a time-saver too!  For each arch just sew together 8 trapezoids.

Sew the Quiltsmart arch to the right side of the fabric arch and turn.

Quiltsmart Arch

Turning the arches right-side out could be the most tedious part of the whole process.  Mae had brought a tool that is supposed to make the job easier – The fabric tube turner.  And it certainly did!

Fabric tube turner in action

Perfect Wedding Ring Arch

Using the tool turned out to be so easy:  just insert the hollow tube into the fabric tube that needs to be turned;  catch about 2 inches of fabric with the plunger and turn the whole fabric tube right side out.

I had bought one of these tools to make a tumbling block tube table runner some time ago.  I was intrigued with the pattern since it looked so easy- but the project somehow keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my pile of things I want to make.  So not only the kit but the ‘tool’ has sat in my storeroom, unused,  for quite some time.

What could be easier!

We had a few laughs as we tried to figure out how to use the tool.  I guess that it was just so easy that we made it hard to use!

Putting it all together!

Using the design wall we were able to get a glimpse of the final quilt.  I’m sure the newlyweds will love it!

There is always time to quilt!
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